ICT Strategy


  • Identify occupations in Information Communication Technology that are apprenticeship-friendly and launch initiatives to implement in partnership with the Manitoba Government, Post-Secondary Education and ICTAM

  • Create new pathways to Information Communication Technology Careers for Manitoba’s Aboriginal Youth, including expansion of ICTAM’s Tech Trek – Aboriginal Youth ICT Challenge

  • Connect ICT employers with Internationally educated professionals through ICTAM programming including direct recruitment initiatives in target markets.

  • Develop training and resources to assist firms in fostering expertise in strategic planning, sales and marketing.


  • Create awareness, consultation, and collaboration opportunities across all Manitoba business sectors, particularly with those that appear to be currently underserved by the local ICT business community (e.g., aerospace, retail trade and transportation).

  • Establish cooperative arrangements with other associations locally, nationally and internationally, to expand networking opportunities for Manitoba ICT firms.


  • Continue to participate in the ITAC Federation to maintain Manitoba’s presence at the table on discussions of policy issues at the Federal Government level.

  • Schedule quarterly meetings with Provincial Ministers and Deputy Ministers to keep ICT issues top of mind and achieve greater influence on decisions affecting the industry.

  • Promote policies that support affordable access to Information Communication Technology. Adoption of affordable ICT infrastructure (broadband and computing devices) is an important requirement of building competitiveness and productivity across Manitoba’s economy. Policies that enhance competition and reduce ICT costs can promote technology adoption across sectors and demographics.

  • Encourage government to promote private sector use of Information Communication Technology, especially by SMEs, through incentives.


  • Lead Manitoba Information Communication Technology firms to new markets through organized missions to strategically focused conferences and events.

  • Build an online inventory of Manitoba Information Communication Technology firms to showcase their best-in-class capabilities.

  • Host strategic showcase events like "The Innovators".

  • Promote Manitoba’s ICT story to an expanded network of domestic and international audiences.

  • Build a network of qualified mentors to guide and facilitate knowledge transfer across the full continuum of existing and start-up ICT firms.

If you have any comments or questions on our objectives, strategies or tactics, please email us at info@ICTAM.ca.