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Manitoba is the province for innovators, inventors, and tech talents. This is a place to foster new ideas and find the resources to make them grow. Did you know it was a Manitoban who invented technological tools like the fax machine, minesweepers and remote start for vehicles?

Martin Cooper, the inventor of the cell phone, grew up in Winnipeg and was ICTAM’s featured speaker at their popular annual event The Innovators. He recalls the race between AT&T and Motorola, the company he worked for, and the first time he made a phone call. "I wasn't thinking of a revolution or how I was going to change people's lives, I was thinking 'I hope this darn thing works!'"



"I wasn't thinking of a revolution or how

I was going to change people's lives,

I was thinking 'I hope this darn thing works!'"




Mexia Aero developed PAM, the world’s first and only passenger concierge on Facebook’s messenger to guide passengers through airports and create a better experience for them and their families. They're also taking pioneering strides in facial recognition.

Bold Commerce link is taking peer-to-peer selling to new heights by working closely with retailers to facilitate sales and recurring sales. They have crafted some of the most successful eCommerce apps available on the market.

Members of the ICT Association have made our world better by . . .

  • Alerting drivers when trains are crossing, potentially blocking regular commuters and emergency vehicles from their destination. This app could save lives when time is of the essence. Learn more at Trainfo.

  • Monitoring farm crops and sending notifications about crop health changes to make it easy for farmers to identify issues as they develop and to take action before yield is affected. Learn more at Farmers Edge.

  • Ensuring that employees even in remote locations receive their pay flawlessly, on time, directly to their bank account with all records and transactions undertaken with exceptional levels of security. Learn more at Payworks.