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Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 1Y6

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kathy knight
Kathy Knight
Chief Executive Officer
204-943-7133 |  Envelope icon
tammy zagari 01 01
Tammy Zagari 
Chief Financial Officer 
204-953-2796 |  Envelope icon
lori wheeler
Lori Wheeler
Chief Marketing Officer
204-999-2126 |  Envelope icon
kay gardiner
Kay Gardiner
Chief Strategic Officer
204-770-7741 |   Envelope icon
rick parkinson 01
Rick Parkinson
Project Manager, P-TECH
204-296-1886 |       Envelope icon
cori krut
Cori Krut 
Program Manager 
204-299-8896 |    Envelope icon
lasha glennie
Lasha Glennie
Project Manager
Tech West Canada
204-805-4725 |   Envelope icon
clara buelow
Clara Buelow
Marketing Communications Manager
Tech West Canada
204-770-5635 |   Envelope icon
sherilyn townsend
Sherilyn Townsend
Member Services Specialist 
or 204-944-0533 |    Envelope icon
(for all membership and event related inquiries)
amanda emms new 01
Amanda Emms
Program Coordinator, Maven
204-930-2159 |    Envelope icon
Blank 01
Jesse Greenberg
Project Coordinator
Tech West Canada
204-218-3999  |   Envelope icon
Blank 01
Juliano Goulart
Marketing and Communications Assisstant
Tech West Canada
204-218-0913  |     Envelope icon
leslie supnet
Leslie Supnet
Association Administrator
204-944-0536 |    Envelope icon