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Maven is on a mission to eliminate the gender imbalance in the technology sector, so we've hired an expert on the matter who is ready to answer your questions, whether you're a CEO or student. Ms. Parity gives advice on how to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace, so more women can become leaders in the tech field.
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Science faculties were more likely to:

  • Rate male candidates as better qualified than female candidates
  • Want to hire the male candidates rather than the female candidates
  • Give the male candidate a higher starting salary than the female candidate
  • Be willing to invest more in the development of the male candidate than the female candidate

Study: (Moss-Racusin et al 2012)
These findings may seem shocking to some, but the truth is that we all have an unconscious bias. There is a great quiz you can take to determine if you have one or not. You can find out how your mind associates genders with certain roles. Take it now:

Stop workplace discrimination and put a plan in place that includes the following actions:

  • Ensure your job description does not use words that appeal equally to men and women. (Test your job description
  • Read a group of resumes side by side rather than just one a time so you can focus more on their skills and experience, rather than their gender.
  • Research your country‚Äôs discrimination laws.
  • Utilize all the strengths and talents of your co-workers, regardless of age, gender or race.

By increasing your awareness of your own unconscious biases, you can hopefully avoid your employees or coworkers leaving your company and listing discrimination as the reason for leaving.